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The Best Way to Avoid Holiday Traffic & Car Accidents

In 2022, Florida reported 306 fatalities and 3052 injuries due to alcohol-related drunk-driving crashes. While we can’t control others on the road, we have control over our own actions and safety. So, how can you stay safe this holiday season?

In this article, our chiropractic care team in Tampa explores tips and tricks to reduce your odds of an accident during the holidays this year. Let’s dive in!

What is the Best Way to Avoid Holiday Traffic & Care Accidents?

Inevitably, the best way would be to forego driving altogether. But with family and friends to visit, this often isn’t possible. The next best thing you can do is either use ride-sharing apps, such as Uber, when drinking or having a designated driver.

This usually means planning ahead. For example, if you’re driving there but plan on drinking, be aware of where you can park and leave your car overnight. This way, you can safely take a ride back using an app or taxi services.

Other Safety Tips for Driving During the Holidays

Staying sober is the best way to avoid any driving angst or issues. Yet, other things to keep in mind here further include:

  • Ensuring everyone wears their seatbelt. Also, make sure all children have appropriate car seats.

  • Driving defensively. Prepare for the actions of other drivers, and always maintain a safe distance.

  • Adapting to weather conditions. Reduce speed, and, again, keep your distance in less than ideal weather.

  • Ensuring your car is in good condition. Are you up to date on maintenance checks? Now is the time to make sure this is the case to avoid unwanted issues on the road.

  • Staying alert. Never drive when tired or emotional. Take frequent breaks when driving long-distances.

  • Planning ahead. As stated above, if you plan on leaving your car, plan this. If you plan on drinking, plan this too! For instance, plan to keep your limit to one drink (or no drinks) if you’ll be driving a few hours later.

Consider Booking a Visit With Your Tampa Chiropractor

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