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3 Ways Physical Therapy Can Alleviate Post-Car Accident Pain

With April showers come May flowers — and also a potential uptick in car accidents. The rain can hinder visibility and make roads slippery. 

If you’ve recently been in a car accident, our back doctors at Tampa Spine and Wellness understand the frustration and exhaustion that comes with pain and injury. Many injuries, like whiplash, can take many months to overcome. Yet, recovery can be made that much easier with the proper care.

Physical therapy can help you get back to your regular activities and back to feeling your best. So, why should you consider physical therapy after your recent car accident? How can a physical therapist help?

How Physical Therapy Helps After a Car Accident

A physical therapist focuses on helping you get back to functionality and moving freely without pain. They do this through prescribed exercises to address weaknesses and tension, manual therapy, massage techniques, and more. But let’s take a closer look. In what ways can a physical therapist help you bounce back after an auto accident?

1. Reduces Pain

After a car accident, many individuals struggle with acute or chronic pain due to injuries such as whiplash, fractures, sprains, or muscle strains. A physical therapist plays a pivotal role in addressing this pain through a variety of techniques. 

Initially, they perform a thorough assessment to determine areas of weakness and a path forward that’s unique to you and your situation. Following this assessment, they craft a personalized treatment plan that may include manual therapy techniques like massage, mobilization, and manipulation to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and enhance tissue healing.

Physical therapists also utilize therapeutic exercises tailored to strengthen injured areas and correct imbalances, further contributing to pain reduction. These exercises are designed not only to alleviate current discomfort but also to prevent future pain by enhancing flexibility, strength, and posture. 

2. Accelerates Recovery Time

Physical therapy techniques discussed above can contribute to increased blood flow and improved strength. This can lead to reduced recovery times, helping you get back on your feet faster. 

Physical therapy further involves getting to the root cause of your pain. Through a proper assessment, your physical therapist helps determine this and ensures the pain doesn’t return (which leads right to our next point!). 

3. Prevention of Future or Recurring Pain

By addressing weaknesses and areas of tension contributing to your pain, a physical therapist can help prevent recurring or chronic pain. While they can’t prevent car crashes, they can help ensure that you don’t have pain arise once again post-recovery.

If you’re interested in exploring physical therapy or chiropractic care in Tampa, our team at Tampa Spine and Wellness is here to help guide you toward better health. Book your appointment today so you can begin feeling better tomorrow.


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