Active Rehab

The purpose of rehabilitation is to restore some or all of the patient's physical, sensory, and mental capabilities that were lost due to injury, illness, or disease. At Tampa Spine and Wellness, a Tampa Chiropractor, rehabilitation includes assisting the patient to compensate for deficits that cannot be reversed through traditional medical treatments.  

Active rehab helps the patient restore the use of muscles, bones, and the nervous system through the use of heat, cold, massage, ultrasound, exercise, and other techniques. It seeks to relieve pain, improve strength and mobility, and train the patient to perform important everyday tasks.

Active Rehab may be prescribed to rehabilitate a patient after amputations, arthritis, cervical and lumbar dysfunction, neurological problems, orthopedic injuries, spinal cord injuries, stroke, traumatic brain injuries, and other injuries/illnesses. The duration of the active rehab/physical therapy program varies depending on the injury/illness being treated and the patient's response to therapy.

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