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Do You Have a Sports Injury?

Tampa Bay's Top Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Are you an athlete suffering with pain after a sports injury? At Tampa Spine and Wellness, our trained professionals develop personalized treatment plans to fully heal your sports injury. Located in Seminole Heights, our therapists help with new or old injuries that affect your comfort and mobility through effective sports therapy and rehabilitation.


Across the US, there are more than 3.5 million injuries resulting from sports activities each year. As your local Tampa Bay spine and injury clinic, the most common sports injuries we treat include:

  • Torn ACL

  • Concussion

  • Shin Splints

  • Sciatica

  • Muscle Strain

  • And more


Some injuries like musculoskeletal injuries can have long-term effects on body functioning. With our tailored sports injury rehabilitation plans, we work to heal these injuries caused from falls, force, twists, or tears.


Tampa Spine and Wellness Treatment


If you're suffering from pain caused by a sports related injury, we’ve got your back. We can provide chiropractic relief, pain relief, personalized wellness plans, and more. We'll help to rehabilitate you through our various treatment options, customizable to your unique case.


Our treatments include:



We can also provide you with advice for pain relief from home, simple daily workouts and stretching tips, and preventative care.


Get your Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation Appointment Scheduled Today!


Injuries are a common experience among both recreational and professional athletes. But, they don’t have to impact you for life. At Tampa Spine and Wellness, we cater to all different types of injuries with high-quality sports therapy and rehabilitation.


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If you need immediate attention, we also accept walk-in visits.

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