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Shine in the Shadows: The Lifesaving Importance of Reflective Wear for Trick-or-Treaters

Trick-or-treating offers a fun activity each year for young children and families. There are costume ideas, including coordinated outfits or creatively homemade ones. And, of course, there are all the treats! However, Halloween also accounts for a sharp rise in automobile accidents involving pedestrians.

On average, there are about 5.5 child pedestrian fatalities every year on October 31st—this is more than double the average on any other day of the year.

Yet, taking proper safety measures can significantly lower the risk of this happening to you and your family. In this article, we take a closer look at what you and your children should consider for a safe and fun Halloween this year.

Incorporating Reflective Materials into Halloween Costumes

One of the easiest ways to ensure safety is by adding reflective materials to Halloween costumes. After all, visibility is key so that drivers know to stop or slow down.

Plus, there are various stylish ways to add reflective elements to costumes. For instance, a fairy costume can have reflective glitter on its wings, or a superhero cape can have reflective stripes. You can even buy costumes with built-in reflective gear already in place as more and more brands realize its importance.

Another really simple way to add reflective materials to any costume is reflective tape. These can often be found in your local sports or hardware stores. In turn, you and your children can ensure a fun and, most importantly, safe night for all.

Other Safety Considerations

While avoiding automobile accidents as a pedestrian is always important, other safety considerations you may want to consider on Halloween include:

  • Ensuring all costumes fit properly so your little ones won’t easily trip and fall over excess fabric.

  • Using non-toxic face paint or makeup as an alternative to masks, which can obstruct one’s vision.

  • Looking both ways before crossing the street, using pedestrian walk signs, and crossing appropriately.

  • Staying on sidewalks. If not available, make sure to walk on the side of the road that is in the opposite direction of traffic and stay as far to the left as possible.

  • Inspecting candies before eating them. Make sure none of them have been tampered with!

  • Staying in known areas, such as homes where you know the other residents.

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