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The link between Dietary fat and prostate cancer

This one is for the fellow men out there.Diet is so very important to your health. Especially your dietary fats ( Omega-3 "good" versus Omega-6 "bad"). Prostate cancer is a concern to all men, but there are ways to help reduce the risk of developing it. Last year K. M. Di Sebastian and M. Mourtzakis published their review paper on the role of dietary on prostate cancer development and progression. As we all know there are "good" fats and "bad" fats. A "good" fat is a fat that the body absorbs in from the food you eat. This fat has a helping or healing property an it helps the body heal it's self. It helps prevent the development of disease. A "bad" fat does just the opposite; it causes the body to develop diseases and pain. This is done through biochemical pathways within every cell of your body. The more "bad" fat you consume the the unhealthier each of your cells become which, in turn makes you become an unhealthier person.

With prostate cancer, these bad fats have an effect of a key signaling pathway ( IGF-Akt) within the cells. By messing with this pathway and causing problems to signals sent within the cell, the cell has a tendency to become cancerous. Because this is an important pathway for the cell to communicate processes that go on and keep the cell healthy; it effects other pathways that are also linked as cancer causing pathways. By increasing the signals from the cancer causing pathways the cell becomes cancerous its self. It is a cascade effect essentially causing the cells to transform from a normal, happy, and healthy prostate cells to a unhealthy cancerous prostate cells. Also these bad fats cause what is know as angiogenesis' which is the synthesis or building of new blood vessels to help feed the cancerous cell growth (tumor grow). The bad fats also help to produce ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) a type of biochemical found in a cell and causes harm to cellular DNA, which mutates the DNA, causing the cell to become cancerous. These ROS effect a specific protein P53 that tells the cell its time to die (apoptosis). This inability for the cell to die of natural cause in its due time lend the cell to also become cancerous. Or if you didn't know one characteristic of a cancer cell is that it does not die, the cell keeps growing and multiplying; thus metastasizing (spreading) and killing other cells so that the cancer cells may continue to live and proliferate. Obviously the good fat has all the exact opposite effects on the cell as the bad fat, stopping the cell form becoming cancerous. As a male eating healthier foods that are higher in Omega-3 fatty acids (good fat) will help prevent prostate cancer.

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