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Why Is It Important to Go to Physical Therapy?

If you are struggling with chronic pain and reduced mobility, you may be wondering if physical therapy can help. Physical therapy can reduce pain levels and enhance movement by improving the flexibility and strength of your muscles. Whether you are recovering from a specific injury or managing a chronic condition, physical therapy can provide relief.

So, let’s take a look at some of the main reasons why physical therapy should be an important part of your treatment approach.

5 Reasons Why Physical Therapy Is Important

Here are the top reasons why you might want to consider physical therapy:

1. It helps alleviate pain.

Physical therapy focuses on pinpointing the root cause of your pain. By identifying underlying muscle weakness and tension, a physical therapist can help improve your mobility and functioning. This approach further helps prevent ongoing issues and provides much-needed immediate relief from your pain. 

Interestingly, physical therapy may also help to reduce your need for opioid-based painkillers when dealing with chronic pain. In one particular study, individuals referred for physical therapy were less likely to be prescribed opioid-based painkillers during their follow-up appointments. 

2. It improves mobility and strength.

Your physical therapist can recommend exercises designed to strengthen your muscles and improve your range of motion. They can also help you to adjust your movement patterns to improve your posture, reducing the risk of future injury.

3. It enhances healing and post-surgery recovery.

If you are recovering from a sports-related injury or healing post-surgery, physical therapy can help you with your rehabilitation efforts. Physical therapy can help to rebuild strength in injured areas and manage pain and inflammation. 

Importantly, working with a physical therapist can encourage movement and reduce the risk of post-surgery complications, such as blood clots and muscle atrophy. 

4. It prevents the formation of scar tissue.

Scar tissue naturally forms in response to injury or surgery. A physical therapist can use several techniques to minimize the formation of scar tissue. Manual therapy, such as hands-on massage, stretching, and therapeutic exercises, can help break up scar tissue adhesions and improve blood flow across the injured area. 

5. It may eliminate the need for surgery.

Invasive procedures should always be a last resort, as every surgical treatment carries risks. Before opting for an invasive surgical procedure, you should discuss the benefits of physical therapy with your healthcare provider. In many cases, a conservative approach using physical therapy may offer an effective way to treat your physical condition and help you to avoid surgery altogether.

Are you ready to find relief from your pain and regain your mobility? Our expert team at Tampa Spine and Wellness is here to guide you on your journey to better health. Book your appointment today so you can begin feeling better tomorrow.

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