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What are the Benefits of Chiropractic Care After an Auto Accident?

Whiplash Injury

It can happen in the blink of an eye; One minute you’re driving and the next you’re colliding with another vehicle or obstacle on the road. Have you been injured in an auto accident recently?

You’re not alone.

Every year, auto accidents cost the U.S more than 380 million dollars in medical costs. While accident-related injuries can often cause long-lasting pain, seeing a chiropractor can help.

For the top reasons to visit a Tampa Spine and Wellness chiropractor after an auto accident, read on.

1. Proper Evaluation of Injuries

Following an auto accident, you might not feel immediate pain from non-visible injuries. Many people will focus on documenting vehicle damage, contacting insurance companies, or filing a police report.

A post-accident adrenaline rush can temporarily distract you from potential injuries. But, you could notice severe pain up to several days later. The most common delayed injuries after an auto accident are back, neck, abdominal, and head injuries.

A trained chiropractor can evaluate these injuries that you might not see or feel right away.

Auto accident chiropractic services will often focus on musculoskeletal injuries. These injuries affect muscles, ligaments, and tendons. They can also affect bones and nerves, sending shockwaves of pain throughout the entire body.

Whether it’s a concussion, spinal cord damage, or other accident injury, chiropractors can determine the source of your pain for the best treatment plan.

2. Conservative Care Treatment

Many people often feel apprehensive about seeing a medical professional after an auto accident. The good news is, conservative chiropractic care is often minimal for many kinds of injuries.

Conservative chiropractic care consists of non-invasive healing like adjustments, exercise, and stretching. These healing methods are typically less costly and quicker than other invasive treatments.

The sooner you visit a chiropractor after an auto accident, the less likely it is that you’ll have to undergo major surgery and extensive treatment. Tampa Spine and Wellness offers non-invasive treatments like soft tissue therapy, muscle rehab, and much more.

3. Documentation for Insurance Purposes

Seeing a chiropractor after an accident can benefit more than just your health. Chiropractors can also help with insurance claims and lawsuits.

Florida’s 14-day rule, Statute 627.736, allows auto accident victims up to 14 days to seek medical care and receive insurance coverage. After the 14-day period is over, you could lose any opportunity for compensation from your personal injury protection policy. This statute helps motivate auto accident victims to seek medical attention as soon as possible to treat any injuries.

From spinal manipulation to acupuncture, it’s crucial to document treatment for your insurance company. Chiropractors at Tampa Spine and Wellness can report your treatment and help you receive at least 80 percent coverage on your medical bills.

Consult a Professional Chiropractor Today

After you’ve been in an auto accident, seeking medical help from a professional chiropractor should be a top priority.

To experience high-quality care from a Tampa chiropractor, click here to request an appointment today or call us at 813-331-5753. We also accept walk-in appointments and offer same-day chiropractic visits.


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