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Active Physical Therapy for Disc Herniations: What Should You Know?

A herniated disc, also often called a ruptured disc or slipped disc, happens when the inner part of the disc slips out beyond its normal placement. This can sometimes press on nerves, leading to tingling or numbness down the back or legs. Inevitably, this can be irritating and painful, taking your attention away from important moments or events in your life.

Surprisingly, any car accident that causes issues with the neck or back can lead to a herniated disc. If you’ve been hurt in a car accident and suspect a herniated disc, our team of the best chiropractors and physical therapists at Tampa Spine and Wellness can help! So, how can active physical therapy guide you toward a full recovery?

How Can Active Physical Therapy Help a Herniated Disc?

The problem with herniated discs is that they can lead to chronic pain if not treated correctly. Research shows how physical therapy interventions can help guide the healing of a herniated disc, reducing symptoms and pain. So, let’s dig into how exactly active physical therapy can help you find accident pain relief!

Exercises Can Help Improve Core Stability & Strength

Unfortunately, many individuals underestimate the importance of a strong core when it comes to spinal health and back pain. Your core muscles (abdominals) support your lower back specifically, ensuring other muscles or structures don’t need to compensate or hold you up right!

Active physical therapy involves the instruction of core stabilization exercises, such as the dead bug exercise. Usually, each program starts with merely contracting the rectus abdominis. This involves lying on your back and tightening your core, as though you were stopping the flow of urine or a tight rope was pulling between your hip bones. After you’ve mastered this, your physical therapist will add progressions, like the dead bug, in where and when necessary.

In turn, this can take a ton of pressure off of the lower back, releasing pain and tension.

Stretching Enhances Flexibility & Movement

Stretching the back, torso, and legs will help improve the function of your whole body and decrease pain by alleviating tension or tightness. This will also help take pressure off of the lower back, guiding you back to your normal even after an auto accident injury.

Your Physical Therapist Will Show You How to Prevent Future Pain

While we can’t plan for an auto accident injury or, sometimes, prevent it, we can plan to lower our risk of experiencing a flare-up of a herniated disc through our day-to-day. This comes back to strengthening exercises shown to you by your physical therapist, which, like flexibility exercises, should be used ongoing for regular body maintenance and health.

Have you experienced a recent injury after an accident? Are you looking for the best auto accident treatment in Tampa? Contact the Tampa Spine and Wellness team. Book your appointment today and pave your way toward healing.


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