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The Changes Autumn Brings

There is a new season upon us, and her name is Autumn! When there is a change in season, naturally there is a change in our routine whether it has to deal with skincare, workouts, or even purging the old to make room for the new.

For fall enthusiast such as I, we have already decorated our homes to match the theme of the season. When you completed this task, did you feel refreshed? Maybe in higher spirits? The typical fall color scheme brings high energy to you and your space which alternatively decreases anxiety and/or depression. Also, have you heard of the saying that “a cluttered space makes for a cluttered mind?” When having a busy schedule and keeping up with so many elements it is easy for it to spill over into the way your home is set up. Do you know that feeling after cleaning your own house? As if it was a weight lifted? Same thing when you makeover your home into a cozy space. Immediately it becomes a calm, warm, and relaxing space which is exactly what we need to break away from everyday chaos.

The change in season also brings a change in health. On one hand, the lower temperatures bring great opportunity to be outdoors more comfortably in comparison to the summer months and take longer strolls on the beach or by the lakes. The extension of time allowed to spend outdoors is not just a great benefit to you physically, but mentally as well. Fresh air is great to clear the mind providing positive energy, minimizing stress.

Finally, new season tends to bring new sicknesses. It is the season of flu shots. Many pharmacies are already issuing them to the public to stay safe as germs make their way around schools and the workplace. Research what clinics near you provide free flu shots or offer them at a low rate. The change in vitamins and supplements might need to be considered to strengthen your overall immune system to further health fight off colds and deficiencies.

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