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Correcting Posture

When it comes to correcting posture, most do not understand that often, injuries or defects within the body cannot fully return to the original or intended state. When an injury needs to be corrected, the injury will most likely last long term, but it can absolutely improve throughout time.

A common method of posture correction is repetitive stretching. Below are a few familiar stretches you may have seen in yoga or workout routines, allowing the spine to stretch, while also giving you complete control so you do not further injure yourself and stretch comfortably.

  • Child’s Pose

  • Forward Fold

  • Cat-Cow

  • High Plank

Some of the stretches have been featured on both Tampa Spine and Wellness Facebook and Instagram page. Follow this link to read the specific benefits and instructions on how to perform each exercise.

It is a great idea to always try to remain active. Allowing both muscles and bones to settle, will cause further tightness and potential worsening of pain. Comment below how you stay active!

In addition to stretching, a common tool used is braces. Braces are used for many corrections such as the back, arm, leg, neck, and etc. As mentioned before, these tools alone cannot guarantee full recovery, but it absolutely improves progress over time.

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