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A Use For Vitamin D

I came across another interesting journal article today discussing the benefits of Vitamin D in type 2 diabetics. As a Chiropractic Physician most people consult me on healthier natural ways to help them selves. I have always told people to take Vitamin D supplementation because of its many effects on so many systems in the body, especially since most people are deficient in vitamin D. It has been shown in studies that vitamin D supplementation provided to diabetics can reduce the inflammation, improve blood sugar, and increase blood vitamin D levels into desirable range. This is done by improving insulin receptor activity secondary to reduced inflammatory state and by increasing insulin secretion from the pancreas. In this article they researched women, because women seem to have a worse outcome with type 2 diabetes then men do. In this study of 46 women all had an an average vitamin D blood levels of 18 ng/ml. They were given 50,000 IU a week and at 6 months their blood level average was 38 ng/ml which is in the desirable range. The subjects in the study also took a 20-question depression symptom survey. They scored 26.8 on average when study was conducted indicating moderate depression and after 6 months their scores had dropped to 12.2 indicating almost no depression (with that specific questionnaire the scale is from 0 to 60 with higher numbers indicating more symptoms of depression). Also the test group had an overall drop in blood pressure. Their systolic blood pressure went form 140.4 mm Hg to 132.5 mm HG average. Patients also lost around 3 pounds, now this can not be attributed to the vitamin D supplementation, but maybe being in a better mood the subjects ate better and exercised more.

As I wrote in a previous blog our food is getting worse and therefore we don't get the quality or amount of vitamins and minerals we truly need and here is an example where just having the correct amount of vitamin D in the body had a profound effect on health.

What I want you to take away from this is exactly how important vitamin D is to the body. Find a quality vitamin D supplement. Eat foods rich in vitamin D. Spend time outside in the sun (in moderation) to help your body make vitamin D. And if you take any prescription drugs always talk to your prescribing physician or pharmacist to see if there are any negative interactions.

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