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GMO.........What is defined as Genetically Modified Organism?

So I had a conversation today with a patient who was talking about GMO food. They had some questions about my thought processes on it. I explained to her that there are many types of genetically modified organisms and that not all GMOs are bad. First and foremost the domestication of food crops has been a form of genetic modification. Since the time that people began living in non-nomadic enclaves they have been genetically modifying all of its organisms from crops to livestock. Every year they harvested crops and kept seeds from the most desirable plant to plant the next growing season. Their livestock they bread in order to get the physical qualities they needed from the animal either for labor or for food. So when we talk about GMOs being bad, you must be specific about how has the organism been modified. Has the rice been modified to have more beta carotene to help a population deficient in vitamin A? Or has the food product been modified from a pesticide standpoint to make the crop/plant more resistant to pests. One of those seems to be a better genetic modification than the other.

I am not encouraging or saying that GMOs are good and I am not saying they are bad. What I am saying is do your research about what you are getting as far as groceries.

If you are worried about your produce being GMO and how it will affect your health; this may be the time to start that garden you always wanted. That way you are guaranteed to know where the seeds came from and what was sprayed on them for pesticides. Growing your own produce will have two ways of helping your health. Besides the healthy produce that you will eventually harvest, the time outside relaxing being in the sun and doing something you enjoy will help the mind and body relax.

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I hope this was food for thought and provided some insight

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